Ordinance Document List
14-Feb-2020Adhisuchana regarding common statutes
14-Feb-2020MP Universities Common Statutes Part II
14-Feb-2020MP Universities Common Statutes Part I
30-May-2018Ordinance No 16 (Revised) DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY
30-May-2018Ordinance No 82 (Revised) MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY
10-May-2018M.P. Universities Common Ordinances
10-May-2018Madhya Pradesh Universities Common Statutes
22-Jun-2017Ordinances (Revised)
21-Jun-2017Revised Ordinance (Ordinance No.92 is not to be taken in Cognisence)
21-Jun-2017Ordinance adopted reg. C.B.C.S. from D.A.V.V., Indore
21-Jun-2017New Ph.D. Ordinance 16
21-Jun-2017Statute 28
21-Jun-2017Statute 27 (Revised)
21-Jun-2017Various Ordinance adopted from D.A.V.V.,Indore
21-Jun-2017Revised M.Phil. Ordinance
21-Jun-2017University Ordinance
21-Jun-2017University Statute
12-May-2017Bachelor of Vocation(B.VOC.) In Medical Laboratory Technology
22-Dec-2016Ph.D Ordinances for Economics
22-Dec-2016Ph.D Ordinances for Geography
22-Dec-2016Ph.D Ordinances for Management (UIM)
22-Dec-2016Ph.D. Ordinance of Management
08-Dec-2016Ordinances for M.Ed. Science
26-Nov-2016Ordinances for Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc)
25-Nov-2016Ordinances for Certificate Course/Diploma Courses in Biodesign
24-Nov-2016M.Sc. Cyber Security Ordinance
24-Nov-2016P.G.D.C.A. Ordinance
11-Nov-2016B.Ed. -Science (02 Years) Ordinance No. 43 (Revised)
11-Nov-2016B.Ed. (02 Years) Ordinance No. 41 (Revised)