Special Features

Special Features

Department of Tribal Studies
The University was established at the centre of Tribal and undeveloped areas of the State "to spearhead the assault on rural ills". For this purpose, it established a Department of Tribal Studies in 1990. The Department studies (i) Personal Laws of tribals (ii) their socio-economic structure, (iii) their political institutions, and (iv) their history, culture and religious practices and beliefs. For this purpose the department works in close cooperation with Departments of Economics, Political Science, Ancient History, Law and Philosophy. The Department prepares students for M.A.(Tribal Studies) and Ph.D. degrees of the University and is one and the only of its kind in India.

Gandhian Study Centre 
The Centre was sanctioned by the University Grants Commission on 23 March 2006 and has been functional from the academic session 2006-2007 onwards. The Director of the Centre is Prof. Urbashi Barat, Head, Dept of P.G. Studies & Research in English, and the Joint Director is Dr Shubhada Pandey, Managing Secretary, Shiksha Mandal, M. P. Shakha, Jabalpur, and G. S. College, Jabalpur. At present Prof. S.C. Sharma, Department of History is Incharge Director of the Centre.

Centre For Ambedkar Studies 
The Centre for Ambedkar Studies was established at Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya in the academic session 2006-7, the year of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the University, with Prof. Urbashi Barat, Head, Department of Post-Graduate Studies & Research in English, as Director, and Prof. B. K. Sahoo, Head, Department of Adult/ Continuing Education & Extension Work as Joint Director. It was sanctioned by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, in July 2006 as one of its Centres for the Study of Epoch-Making Thinkers of India. For more details Please click here.

UGC Human Resource Development Centre (Academic Staff College) 
The Centre is one the best accrediated performer.9score 63) by NAAC with All India Rank Vth.   It aims at promoting academic excellence and for that purpose conducts orientation courses for newly appointed teachers and refresher courses for other teachers. 

Some Affiliated Colleges Government M.H. College of Home Science and Science
Government M.H. College of Home Science and Science was founded in 1954 by Shri Parmanand Bhai Patel's firm Mohanlal Hargobinddas. Home Science was started with the kind aid of Rs. One Lakh. In 1955 Mankunwar Bai College also got affiliated with this college.
Looking at the progress of the Home Science Faculty, the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1958 sanctioned the college to conduct the Science classes as well. In 1987-88 Arts and Commerce faculties were separated and Mankunwar Bai College was established and M.H. College of Home Science and Science became a college for Home science and Science.
The College is constructed on a large area of approximately 11 Acres in the heart of Jabalpur City. Facilities such as Library, Hostel, Sports Complex, Canteen etc., are available in the college premises. Activities like NCC, NSS and various other cultural programs are part of the curriculum. The motto of the college is to impart quality education for the overall development of the girls and transform them into responsible citizens of the country.
The college was granted the autonomous status by the University Grants Commission in 1987 for 10 years and now the autonomous status of the college is extended till the year 2007. For more details Please click here.
Government Model Science College
The Government Model Science College Jabalpur, which has been graded as "A" by NAAC, was established in 1836 as Saugor Govt. School in Saugor. Upgraded as Saugor collegiate school in 1860, it was destined to become the renowned Robertson college of Jabalpur . The historic week long transfer in 1873 with bag , baggages and furniture on bullock -carts from Saugor to Jabalpur, changed the entire history of education in this city.

It carried on its journey marching ahead in various locations in Jabalpur. The present Govt. Engg. College , civil department wing harbored Robertson college which was honored by the then commissioner Mr. Benjamin Robertson to be named after him. The alumni of the college still feel proud to call themselves Robertsonians.

Robertson College fulfilled the major aims of educational, spiritual, intellectual, physical and cultural development of its students. Science faculty of this college has the honor of attaining 105th years of its existence, as it was started in the year of 1896. The present college building accommodated this college in 1956. Robertson college, named Mahakoshal Mahavidyalaya after independence had to undergo the process of bifurcation in 1962 for its fame as an ideal education institution had spread and wide, attracting student from distant place to join this prestigious college resulting in unmanageable abundance in nominal roll. Robertson college first affiliated to Calcutta University, (from 1836 to 1890) then Allahabad University, (from 1891 to 1922); Nagpur University, (from 1923 to 1946 ); Sagar University, (from 1947 to 1956 ) and is now affiliated to Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur from 1957 onwards. Govt. Science College attained the status of model college in 1985 gloriously marching ahead, Govt.

Model Science College, Jabalpur attained autonomy in the year 1988.

The huge campus of Govt. Model Science College has a magnificent three storied building, having one hundred and fifty rooms. In an area of one hundred acres, the college campus has three hostel buildings, principal's bungalow, residential accommodation for staff members and the supportive staff. Catering to need for physical development of the students, the College has extensive playgrounds for Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball and also a splendid Tennis Court within the campus, two indoor Badminton Courts and a Gymnasium. A well- nurtured Botanical garden occupies vast area. N.C.C. and N.S.S. units for both boys and girls impart training in discipline to the students and upholding the dignity of labour. The sprawling well-equipped laboratories, computers, televisions, conference room for holding seminars complete the picture of a well-established educational institution. For more details Please click here.

College of Materials Management (CMM)
The College owes its lineage to the year 1925. It was located at Kirkee as IAOC School of Instruction till 1939. The word `Indian' was dropped in 1950 when the country became a Republic. Army Ordnance Corps School was designated as The College of Materials Management in 1987. It is presently an autonomous College of Rani Durgawati Vishwa Vidhyalaya (RDVV) besides being on the panel of University Grants Commission (UGC) and is also recognised by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

It conducts research and advanced courses in the field of Materials Management for defense personnel from India and abroad. The College has earned many distinctions in the Academic and Defence activities.

The College has also been awarded the Golden Peacock National Award for excellence in training by the Government of India.

The College has been awarded a Five-Star rating by the national assessment and accreditation council (NAAC), the highest rating in the country.

Government College of Education
The college is the OLDEST TEACHERS’ TRAINING INSTITUTE OF THE COUNTRY. It started as “SPENCE TRAINING INSTITUTION” in 1890, named after its first superintendent Mr.R.M.Spence. In 1905 a practising Model School was established to enable practical training. In 1911, it was converted to “SPENCE TRAINING COLLEGE” and again Mr. Spence was its Principal. Pandit Lajja Shankar Jha was its first Indian Principal(1924-1928).

In 1947, the name was changed to Prantiya Shikshan Mahavidyalaya . In the same year, M.A. in Psychology course was also started in this college. M.Ed. course was pioneered by this college in 1949.

After establishment of the University of Jabalpur in 1957, the college was affiliated to this university. In 1967, it was renamed as Government College of Education.

In 1968, the State Institute of Science Education was added to its campus.