E-Contents Document List
11-Nov-2020E-contents of various departments
27-Apr-2020Journalism and Mass Communication
27-Apr-2020Lecture notes by Prof. R.P. Mishra BioScience Dept
27-Apr-2020Lecture notes by Dr. Vandana Yadav Yoga Dept
26-Apr-2020From Chemistry Department
25-Apr-2020Java Programming by Dr. J.K. Maitra Maths Dept
25-Apr-2020Lecture Notes by Skill Development Centre
25-Apr-2020Lecture note by Yoga Dept Vaidik Kal me Yog Ka Swaroop
22-Apr-2020Journalism and Mass Communication Department
22-Apr-2020Lecture notes by Dr. Rashmi Patel and Dr. Tejram Pal Philosophy Dept
20-Apr-2020Sankhya Darshan by Dr. Rashmi Patel
20-Apr-2020Lectures by Prof. S.S. Sandhu DIC
20-Apr-2020Links for topic wise lectures by Prof. Priyavrat Shukla Philosophy Dept
20-Apr-2020Various Lectures by Dr. Reena Mishra Yoga Dept
20-Apr-2020Bhartiya Loktantra by Dr. Poornima Sharma Political Sci Dept
20-Apr-2020Pharmacy E-Contents
20-Apr-2020E-contents by Women Study Centre
19-Apr-2020Ikai Yojna by Ms Rekha Shrivastava Education Dept
19-Apr-2020Various lecture notes by Dr. Asha Rani Hindi Dept
19-Apr-2020Curriculum by Ms Rekha Shrivastava Education Dept
19-Apr-2020Yog nidra ka mansik swasthya par prabhav by Dr Reena Mishra
18-Apr-2020Effect of Exercise by Dr. Vishal Banne Physical Education Dept
18-Apr-2020Sports Injury by Prof. Alka Nayak Physical Education Dept
18-Apr-2020The Muscular System by Dr Vishal Banne Physical Education Dept
18-Apr-2020The Respiratory System by Dr Vishal Banne Physical Education Dept
18-Apr-2020Endocrine System by Dr Satish Pandey Physical Education Dept
17-Apr-2020Data Normalisation by Mrs Abhilasha Pandey UICSA
17-Apr-2020Study material by Prof RK Yadav
17-Apr-2020Various Lectures notes by Prof. P.K. Singhal Bio Sceince Dept